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Jules Vern


Michael Crichton 


Joseph Heller



George MacDonald Fraser




Jack London




J. K. Rowling


Dan Brown

Who’s fictional works predicted the future.


The Andromeda Strain helped to pioneer a mix of fact with fiction


Who introduced the existence of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome long before psychology made it fashionable.


The Flashman papers and The Pyrates mixed elements of history with a cynical humour that has readers referring to history books for verification.


Call of the Wild and Sea Wolf; one exploring the basic instincts of animals, the other an enthralling look at a brilliant character – a Master with an immense psychological dysfunction.


For Children; if the kids can wrestle the book from parents.


For giving the world The Da Vinci Code and introducing a new dimension to the term “publish or perish.” Dan Brown is responsible for the abundance of literature that has one purpose, to prove that his work of fiction is wrong?

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