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Earth Air Fire and Water


John Gavin © 2013


Two stories both published on October 18, 2013 confirm important knowledge that overturns scientific thinking not previously available to the public and researchers.

PiandO are included. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse written by John Gavin © 2011 first appeared as an article on written in  2011. Recently, a human skull was found in Dmanisi Georgia between the Black Sea and the Caspian sea.

 The article in said that  “… about 35,000 years ago, the Neanderthals died out during the last ice-age which reached its height some 18,000 years ago and man, pretty much as we know him today, walked many parts of the earth, including Australia.”

The Article went on to say The October 2010 edition of National Geographic and a story by Tim Folger with photography by Peter Essick. The caption to the above photo should be quoted. Viking Weather: “As Greenland returns to the warm climate that allowed Vikings to colonize it in the Middle Ages, its isolated and dependent people dream of greener fields and pastures—and also of oil from ice-free waters.

Dmanisi Man & Ice Covered Forest in Alaska:

Let us rethink human evolution. It now appears possible that man walked on this earth at least 1.8 million years ago. The finding of this and other skulls was reported on on October 18, 2013 suggests just that.

With the progress of time much more is revealed. An article by Andrew Bolt appeared in the Melbourne Sun Herald on Tuesday, October, 15, 2013. It reported that Melting glacier reveals frozen forest. See, warmer means greener.” The find in Alaska found the remains of ancient forests that have remained frozen beneath the ice for up to 2,350 years. The story continues, “In Glacier Bay, Connor and other researchers have found evidence of ice advances occurring more than 5,000 years ago. They’ve also documented the glacial advance between 1724 and 1794 A.D. that pushed Huna Tlingit off their land, and written a paper incorporating those cultural and geographic histories. In that paper they cite Tlingit histories recorded by Richard and Nora Dauenhauer as saying that glacier was growing and advancing “faster than a running dog.” The question that may need to be answered is “Who shot the running dog?

The Phenomena of the Burning Bush:

The announcement of the discovery of the Dmanisi skull comes at a time when Australia is experiencing annual phenomena. This one is the fire season and New South Wales is the first State in Australia to experience the devastation. Periodic fires are generally ignored or not given much thought. The fact is that inland north of Australia experience it each year when the inland burns. This is an event that has been occurring for hundreds and thousands of years.

Enter the Green Movement:

With New South Wales on Fire, one newly re-elected Federal Parliament has taken the opportunity to castigate the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott whose policies he blamed as the cause of fire. On October 18, 2013, reported that Greens MP Adam Bandt tries to make political mileage out of fires.












A Summarization:

In summary, Greenland in the days of  Erik Thorvaldsson (The Viking Erik the Red) was a place where cattle grazed and the people established an agriculture. It was noted that at present Greenland is waiting for a return to those days as the ice recedes. The  Dmanisi skull 1.8 million years old, found in Georgia was at the time of devastating bush fires in New South Wales, the Greens have something to say. The Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt  blamed the Prime Minister who was elected just over a month claiming the Prime Minister’s policies meant more bushfires for Australia.

Historically the central north of Australia burns in late spring each year. In the south -east massive areas of forest will spontaneously burn in the dry months. Lightning is one cause, fallen power lines another. The possibility of people is an important consideration. It may be burning off, a cigarette thrown from a car, glass bottles in dry vegetation causing ignition or the deliberate act of a vandal.

Homes in forests invariably have tin or galvanized iron roofing to collect rainwater. What happens when the fires around a home in the forest burn close? The iron absorbs heat. Heat builds up under the iron and the inevitable occurs. The home combusts with frightening force; accelerated by the iron covering; everything is destroyed.

The Green movement and green councils once banned water tanks, claiming them as unnecessary. A lengthy drought helped bring those bans to an end.

Climate Change? Global Warming?

Of course there is Climate Change, Global Warning and Global Cooling is a fact of nature and has been occurring for millions, maybe billions of years. Life on earth 2.8 million years ago may have been far different from what is experienced today.

Maybe the “Dmanisi” man witnessed part of one of the ice ages. If he did, it appears that his people survived. Perhaps he succumbed to the freezing conditions.

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Other factors must be considered when part of a nation is alight and that is population growth. As far as fire in the centre is concerned it is not a worry to most.

As far as population growth is concerned, Australia did follow America? Liberty, on Ellis Island states; “Give me your tired your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breath free, The wretched refuse of your teaming shore, Send these, the homeless tempest tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Post Second World War:


“An unrepentant and defiant Adam Bandt has stood behind the ill-timed bushfire comments he made on social media at the peak of yesterday's NSW firestorm.

The Greens MP infuriated many when he tweeted that "Tony Abbott's plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this of Sydney".

That comment came at the very moment that every TV network in Australia showed graphic images of people's houses burning.”