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Ports of Call


John Gavin


 As expected, friends and acquaintances queried the latest journey, by ship to Asia, China and Japan. Many who had read “Slow Boat to China” (Click to Visit Link) raised a query. One query often asked was not about the voyage but living on a ship for 42 days.

“How did you survive that time aboard a ship?” was invariably the question.

An e-mail from fellow passengers said, “At this time we have not planned any further trips at sea.”

That was eleven days after the voyage ended. Other passengers commenced an e-mail with “Must be time for a drink….see you down in the bar....” Before qualifying the exclamation, “I so miss the ship.”  Yet another comment about life at home was, “The first few days were ordinary, and the bed was still gently rocking .” This was a sensation many would experience for a few days after return, adjusting to the terra-firma again.

While Sea Princess was still at sea, other passengers spoke of future cruises, At least two had booked on an around the world trip that Sea Princess would commence later in 2016. On this trip a popular identify among the crew would complete his current contract with Princess Lines. On the around the world journey, the ship would stop in Jamaica; and that was Marvin’s home; conveniently he would be at home.

The question, “how did you survive forty-two days on a ship,” still needs to be answered. On entering Australian water’s, a discussion between passengers and crew addressed the chance of a mutiny to hi-jack the ship and recommence the journey. Through part of this discussion; one crew member was not supportive of the move as the ship would reach Jamaica on its future journey.

A proportion of passengers would have happily repeated the journey and survival for another forty-two days  aboard posed no problem to them. Further to that, breaks in the sea voyage included stops at Singapore, KoSamui, Thailand, Phu My Vietnam; Na Trang, Vietnam; Hong Kong; Shanghai China; Busan Korea; Maizura Japan; Kanazawa Japan;, Aomori Japan; and Tokyo, Japan. (Are there any ports missing Mitch?) well, there were three in Australia.

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              Above: Raffles Hotel, Singapore.                            Above: Raffles Long Bar and Spiral Staircase.

Above: Regular staff in Wheelhouse Bay on Level 7:

Bridges and Canal of Kanazawa, Japan.