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As far as discipline is concerned, the lack of it is obvious. Take a look at the road surface and see the “burn out” and “wheelie” tracks on the road surface. Take a look at the number of road shrines you will see; white crosses, flowers and other tributes to the dead. For more details, take a look at the statistics. World-War-111 is unnecessary, there are so many suicide drivers with others many others adding to the enormous death toll. The police today are no more than public servants, more interested in revenue raising.

In the past one-hundred-years, that infernal horseless carriage has developed into a sophisticated machine. Compare it  to the aircraft,  the progress in the development of both is undeniable. A glaring anomaly is obvious; the pilot of an aircraft is rigorously trained.

With the rate of development, where will the motor car be in ten, fifteen of twenty years? Will the driver of today be equipped to handle the infernal horseless carriage then?

In some parts of the world, driver training is taken more seriously. For instance, Driver Behaviour and Training: v. 4  Lisa Dorn Driver Behaviour and Training: v. 4  Lisa Dorn. (see Below.)

Perhaps this article, brief as it is, will elicit a response from the Queensland Department of Main Roads or an automobile association, preferably a response that can be published on this page?




· About Doctor Dorm: Dr Lisa Dorn is Reader in Driver Behaviour, at Cranfield University. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Psychologist and European Representative of the International Association of Applied Psychology: Traffic and Transportation Psychology Division. She has served on the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s expert panel investigating police related road traffic incidents and advisor to the Association of Chief Police Officers. She has received the International Prince Michael Award for Road Safety for research and the Knowledge Transfer Programme’s ‘Best Application of Social or Management Science’ in collaboration with Arriva Bus UK. Dr Dorn has published widely and is a regular contributor to the public debate on her main research interests: driver behaviour and educational interventions. Her work has been supported by government agencies, research councils and the private sector.

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