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The meal ended and a taxi returned the visitors to the Peninsula. The following morning after breakfast it was time to book out of the Peninsula. One problem was that the guests had no idea where to find the reservation desk. A concierge was bewildered when asked its location; he was unaware that the check in had been express and the guests were taken directly to their suite.

One night and another meal on the Cotai Strip of Macau was planned. A turbo jet ferry provided the crossing from Kowloon to Cotai where the visitors were met and bussed to the Sheraton Hotel where bookings were quickly completed.  The Sheraton is the largest of the chain while underground the malls compare with those in Hong Kong. The hotel is pure luxury but incomparable with the Peninsula. Dinner that evening was predominantly Japanese fare and was to celebrate the actual birthday of Stephanie who was accompanied by aunts and her cousin Jessica, two years senior.

The Cotai Strip is Macao’s home to casino’s. Equally, shopping plays a large part and it is possible ro walk from one casino to others, underground past numerous colourful retail outlets. Vast building projects are evident as more casino's rise  from the earth. The building of roads, railway and industrial centres is found in abundance. In Hong Kong and Macao, if something is needed, it is done.

The following day, the turbo jet ferry from the Macao Terminal swiftly returned its passengers to Kowloon.

Once the Bank of China on Hong Kong Island was the tallest building. Now, it is tiny as huge sky-scrapers rise on the island and in Kowloon and Macao. The prestigious Mid-Levels on the island have grown to obstruct views from the Peak Rail, but not from the Peak which still towers above. Those views are as magnificent as ever.

The Walled City  was scheduled for a visit. The concierge was surprised when asked for directions. Most visitors do not normally have the time to visit this city, now a commemorative park. A valet hailed a taxi and twenty minutes later it stopped at the gates to the park. Stephanie's grandfather, Andrew, had been in the city on many occasions prior to itt being demolished and turned into a park. With a population of some 80,000 people  it contributed to the  population of Hong Kong. The Triads. Criminal, prostitutes and all manner of  dysfunctional people lived in the lawless city. At the time of the lease by the British, the Walled City was excluded and it remained Chinese territory.

Restaurants in the Peninsula are something to be experienced. Gaddi’s is famous for its French fare. The Spring Moon is Cantonese. There is the Swiss  Chesa,  the Japanese Imasa and other include the Lobby and the Veranda. The Felix famous for its avant-garde dining is on the 28th floor. The American Bar is accessed by stairs from Felix to a higher level. Through the curved and sloping windows Hong Kong Island is a picture, particularly at night.

As with The Bar, the mixing of cocktails is a perfected art. Perfectly prepared cocktails flow over this bar. (views of the American Bar are below.)

Time was short by the Star Ferry and the Peak Train  were high on the list of adventures. Another, the Cable Car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping and one of the seven wonders of the Buddhist World.; the Big Buddha. Time was found for the Space Museum and Temple Street Night Market and, of course, Restaurants in the Peninsula and others outside.

By now, time was running out and it was goodbye to the Peninsula. The concierge was called and once more it was check-out time. The concierge took charge of baggage, white uniformed Bell-Hops opened doors and the Rolls Royce whisked the visitors to Chep Lap Kok airport.

Luxury Holidays  can be found at home, in resorts and tropical islands. In Hong Kong and at the Peninsula a holiday may be taken in complete luxury in one of the world’s greatest hotels in a city of almost eight-million people. To escape this Gulag, it is only necessary to walk through the doors, that will be opened by a bevy of white uniformed attendants and face the delights of one of the worlds greatest cities.










































The Peninsula Lobby

Cable Car to Ngong Ping

Left: The American Bar


Right: The Bar


Below: Ngong Ping & the

Big Buddha