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Admittedly, the dry period  had affected Tasmania adversely. Nevertheless, only the day before the big wet ventured south to inundate the apple isle, the government had carried out cloud seeding operations. Weather forecasting had predicted the rain would progressively move south  from Queensland for several days and there was no good reason to doubt this forecast. Oh well; in desperation try anything at any time. An action such as this could be briefly contemplated  but in this case actually seeding it may have been premature.

Never fear, all has been resolved in the affirmative; the environmentalists plaintiff cry is “The science is settled.” In 1959 Charles Darwin published Origin of Species. Many scientists have and still do refer to this work; some authors attempt to refute Darwin’s theories, others make  a further scientific contribution, for instance, The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins 1986. The Blind Watchmaker makes rather short work of the claim “The science is settled.” This is the character of scientific research; it commences with a hypothesis that with further research may be found to be true; or false. So such a claim is rubbish but it is being fed to school children and those who are simply naive.

Of course, the worlds forests were being denuded by tree felling. Many traees were used in the manufacturing paper bags for grocery stores. A simple “solution;” replace brown paper bags with plastic bags. Problem solved and a larger problem created.

The result of this? Something more sinister than splitting the atom is being propagated and it concerns each and every of us. The future scientist is probably one of those now attending school. She or he is being guided by foregone unscientific conclusions that are firmly entrenched in modern thought; just like brown paper bags.

The road toll, turmoil in the middle east, the flood of people travelling over the open sea in flimsy craft, many of which sink with huge loss-of-life. Of course, their are those persons, whoever they may be, with a finger close to the nuclear button (we have to hope they have steady hands.)  It is evident that new diseases appear in some cases well known  common diseases develop to become immune to antibiotics and have no influence on the disease they could once  control. A serious virus that is now far from dormant threatens. It is the Zika virus. Really, the world is in a perilous state, school teacher’s claim to be aware of it, Political parties vying for election claim to be aware of

more things than the greatest philosophers over the ages. Who is right and what harm are the ones who are wrong doing to our very fragile world and please explain how it has lasted for some five-billion years

Today the Maldive Islands and many others are in danger of  sinking under the sea. Some have an elevation of only one metre above sea level. Is it the cause of rising sea level or the reported actions of subsidence aided by the violent sea that will cause them to ultimately disappear? Just take a look at how the North Sea has reclaimed much of the coastline of Yorkshire in Britain. Perhaps the Sydney coastline should also be mentioned.

Now that a highly controversial decision for Britain to leave the European Union has been, perhaps being contested, the refugee’s and their supporters are up in arms.  That is a British problem at this stage, however, reading this article today, after the Australian Election are Australian politics still the same?

Let us turn to the serious side of all of this. In generations to come (assuming the continuation of human life) will the belief of emerging scientists dogmatically turn to Climate Change for an answer? Worse still, will children, students at an impressionable age, suffer trauma and other anxieties because the world is warming and doom is predicted? Let us take this a small stage further; are they going to believe, be convinced, there is no future and we are all doomed. What is there to live for is a frightening question.

Indiscriminate littering is a long term problem that adds to the environmentalists arguments. Some sixty-years ago driving on a country highway was fraught with danger. An approaching car, converging at a total speed of say one-twenty mile-per-hour, may have slung an empty (an empty beer bottle) from their car to the danger of the one approaching. Is that careless or criminal behaviour. Roadsides were once littered with empty bottles, later cans, thrown from cars.

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