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Fact or Fiction


John Gavin


The year that John Howard and the Coalition won the election is undoubtedly the year that PiandO were overwhelmed. They were out of Australia from before the time the election was called until well after it was all finalized. Perhaps newspapers and media in England and Europe mentioned the Australian Elections but other than the weather, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and English Lottery results, Australia was a far away country with their own problems. The problems exist in Australia and Britain although Britain have made a decision. At the time of writing. The Australian position is far from clear.

Within days of the publication of these pages, another Australian Federal Election will be over; but prior to that event, the media has been saturated with promises some to even reverse the millions of decades of the inexorable progress of the earth from Birth to Armageddon. The hopes (albeit exaggerated false hopes,) of political candidates and the people has been constantly articulated to the dismay of responsible voters; all without respite.

Who is to be believed? The end of the world has been predicted on many occasions; so far (or last glance out of the window,) false predictions. At the turn of the century it was predicted that all computers would disintegrate and the Millennium Bug was inevitable. Several years ago it was predicted that rain would no longer fall in Queensland and other parts. It did, and in abundance. Floods have recently inundated the east coast of Australia but really, havenít the floods been envisaged? People still build in places where the sea can destroy at will, people build in fire prone areaís, hills where land slips are inevitable while not far from our shores, earthquakes are regarded as the norm. Others follow less hazardous pursuits and actually jump out of airplanes, most times with a parachute, drive though flood waters or just drive, fast and with little knowledge of what they are risking. Flowing water will sweep a car from the roadway in seconds; and a four wheel drive is just as or even more susceptible.

At the height of a rainstorm affecting all eastern states with parts of Queensland flooded, more so New South Wales, some parts of Victoria and with a depression moving relentlessly inexorably south to Tasmania the media report that someone decides to do something, anything about the lack of rain in Tasmania.

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