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for a drive with the patient? We would have thought that was the duty of the licensing authorities. Their are some basic fundamentals to driving  and should be stated.

Principles of Motor Car Control:

        The right place on the road.

        At the right speed.

        With the right gear engaged.

        Enter Turn, intersection, roundabout or other hazard and gradually accelerate.

Sequence of Motor Car Control:




        Recheck mirrors then enter and/or turn under gradual acceleration.

A story of a Sergeant in the Victoria police is one of commitment and duty to road safety and unfolds as follows.

The Chief Commissioner at the time, Selwyn Porter would not approve a certain training course for the Sergeant that would permit him to gain the qualification to train police drivers.  Arthur Mason resigned from the Victoria Police, going to London where he completed the most arduous training available, then and now. He attended the Metropolitan Police Hendon Driving School before returning to Australia.

In 1959 Arthur established the Victoria Police Motor Driving School a full-time five-week course covering driving, maintenance and theory. The VPMDS has been replicated by many but is still an Australian leader. Unfortunately, attendance time has been reduced over the years and it is now a ten-day course.

The Queensland Government advise that the Transport Minister Scott Emerson has called for public comment on the Older Driver Safety Advisory Committee's report, which has also recommended re-designing roads.

The cost of death and destruction on Queensland Roads is enormous , meanwhile valuable assets are being wasted. it is ridiculous suggest that older drivers be allocated special lanes.

PiandO agree with the comments attributable to Doctor Douglas but advocate a medical/psychological examination of drivers. The Department of Transport and Main Roads should bear this responsibility and the training of all drivers. TAFE courses or similar should be available and required of all drivers regardless of age or sex. The cost of such training would be minimal compared with designating lanes for older drivers and the roadwork's necessary to achieve the expressed aims.


PiandO attended at RACQ Driver Education Assessment on November 6, 2012. It was conducted by Craig, a driver coach of Driver Education. Not knowing what to expect, the road test commenced; about an hour and a half driving around the streets of Eight Mile Plains and adjacent Suburbs. After an hour, Craig had the car stopped in a quiet area and gave a verbal account of his assessment to that time. He offered suggestions and the next half hour was spent in the application of the suggestions.

It was not possible to disagree with Craig’s assessment. It was accurate and informative. A written assessment has been received. PiandO were impressed with the professional ability displayed by Craig to assess and offer critique and left RACQ, satisfied that an assessment is something that most if not all motorists could do to identify driving faults and potential dangers.

Thank you Craig. The principles of correct motor car control do not appear to have greatly changed since World-War 11 even with the plethora of innovations in that time.

It is hoped that a more expansive report can be published in a later issue.


Correct Driver training and education of young person’s right now will surely correlate directly to the driving Behaviour of those same persons in fifty years’ time.” (Peter Banks November 13, 2012)

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