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Within hours of arrival the staff are calling you by name; any scientism about a voyage on Pacific and Orient is rapidly dispelled.  Relaxing in a lounge, seated at a bar or in the dining area’s, there is always someone eager and ready to discuss the days events, the voyage or home. The Orient Bar served a named cocktail while ,  Jake, the head attendant at The Mix was only too willing to prepare an original cocktail and Rebecca would be serving drinks in one section only to be found dong something else in another section.

The availability of rooms with balconies or suites did not seam as necessary as the cabin was for sleeping, which came easily with the gentle sway of the Pacific Dawn the was unperturbed by the occasional  choppy to rough waters.

The food was similar to a walk down Brunswick Street in  the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy or Acland Street in St Kilda. The Plantation Restaurant and the Waterfront, both included in cruise cost were excellent. The Plantation provided buffet style meals that catered for all tastes and degree’s of hunger while the Waterfront was more up-market dining. Other than the The Plantation Restaurant and the Waterfront Restaurant there are charges in some. The Luna is Japanese and the eight course meal with misso soup is not to be missed. Salt Restaurant in the Luke Magnan contribution and by Australian standards quite economical. A solo pianist entertained in the Promenade Bay while a small group entertained in the Orient Bar. The Dome basically catered for the younger guests and for late night revellers. The two Marquee’s provided live   entertainment, films and lectures during the day.  This is only a brief account  of the activities on the Pacific Dawn.

A ships officer, Melissa Yates was from Yorkshire UK and familiar with the East Riding. She discussed places such as Whitby and Robin’s Hood Bay together with other places in Yorkshire well known to PiandO from the time they lived in Horn sea, Several other passengers originated from Yorkshire; one a former police officer from the West Riding was unprepared for some of the entertainment on the ship and expressed regret, as did tother passengers.

 At the present time there are two formal nights plus a  white party; a back to school party and a Gatsby Party. The white party was exactly that with may guests dressed purely in white. The back to school party was mainly in the Dome. DJ and band brought guests and ship staff to the dance floor. An unruly mob of schoolchildren took over the stage with hula hoops and dancing. This changed when the band launched into a rendition of the song the Village  People made famous, the YMCA. The entire dome started to rock and possibly the Pacific Dawn joined the fun.

The ship came to berth in Noumea. Many passengers disembarked setting out to explore. Numerous tours had been arranged by P & O (the shipping line.) Others found themselves within a hundred metres of so from the city centre with shops and duty free stores. A stroll around the town and a central tree shaded park; across the road, a bar..The lady, probably the owner operating the bar admitted to speaking just a little English and attended to serving refreshments, the local beer from the tap. Settling in, the lady explained that many passengers from the ships do not come into the bar.

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Upper Deck of Pacific Dawn. Note the shadow                                                The Atrium of Deck 5.                                                        

 Of a lad on the flying fox  against the funnel.                                      Dec 6 and 7 form  part of the Atrium


                 The Dome:                                                                           Cocktail with name served in Orient