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Road Safety in Australia:


Put bluntly; it is no more than a bureaucratic quango using the term “Road Safety” to justify its existence.

Any responsible person with a modicum of driving skill will observe this erroneous concept on numerous occasions on a daily basis should they drive on Australian Roads.

Since being invited to make a submission to a Government Department responsible for road

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safety in late 2012. PiandO have been assailed with a barrage of rhetoric and misuse of statistics. As a result quite lengthy correspondence has been entered into with TMR, RACQ, RACV, NRMA and others including academic institutions and CARRS-Q.

The answers fall short. In the main they refer to world wide research  and statistical evidence but fail to provide practical road safety answers.

For some four months “Road Safety” has been the subject of feature articles on the PiandO pages. Perhaps it is time to advance thinking on this subject and include some controversial issues.

The links listed below will take the reader to what has already been said. This column does not intend to replicate pages similar to any of those presently existing in North America such as, that should be the job of the traffic authorities and Automobile Associations.



Your guide to learning to drive.



The editors exhort the reader to ignore terms such as “Advanced Driver Training,” “Defensive Driving.” and “Skid Pans.”

The reasons are adequately covered in the articles listed on the right. There are quite enough “Hoons” on Australian Roads as it is and they are not confined to a particular age group or sex.

Text Box:  Roads need safer drivers

Road Safety will continue to be an unobtainable myth as long as Pedestrians determine the rules and police lack understanding.