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Do you think you or anyone else could convince the motorists driving the vehicles in these photographs that they are being stupid?

Well, they are. Those in the column on the right, each and every one is driving in a bicycle lane. This is a lane reserved for bicycles on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Shouldn’t this highlight the danger to cyclists on Queensland Roads.

The motorists in the photographs on the left appear to be trying to turn a single lane into a dual carriageway. All they are doing is “cutting” a corner; and a left hand corner at that.

Driving instructors who are qualified according to the principles of the Hendon School UK, (The worlds Best?)t and a country that drives on the left, it includes Australia, instruct a driver  to keep to the right (That is to the left of the centreline) until such time as the road straightens and a clear view ahead is visible.

Of course, educating a young driver to the Hendon standard is considered to be ill-advised according to the Transport & Main Roads of Queensland and most automobile associations.

What is fact is these drivers, each and every one,  is driving carelessly and even dangerously.

The photographs were taken in less than ten minutes at each of two locations

There is no doubt that some driving behaviour’s lead to traffic incidents, serious crashes and fatalities. What are they? (a) Speed; (b) Drink Driving; and (c) Un-Roadworthy Vehicles.

These are said to be the primary causes of road accidents; but, is this true? With aircraft, a common cause is pilot error. With this in mind, is not time road safety organizations look at inattention to driving as a primary cause?

There should be no doubt that the consequences of speed can be a fatal behaviour.

In some cases the result is mitigated should; (1) The driver be trained: A qualified and trained driver is capable of driving at speed; Reference some powerful and high speed police pursuit vehicle drivers and ambulance drivers. ( 2)  An unqualified and unskilled driver is not. skilled or competent.

In both instances, however, the drivers

ability is compromised by the use of alcohol and or drugs. Add inattention and the dangers of  speed and/or drink driving become paramount.


The Royal Automobile Cub of Queensland provides a driver assessment program. It is designed to assess the ability of drivers and is available to all RACQ members at the very least.

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